Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cold Weather Is Here

What a change in the weather has given us this past week or so. We have had temperature swings from highs in the 50's to highs in 30's and night time lows have really been cold down around 15-20 degrees depending on the day. However we have continued to stay extremely dry and have gone 19 days since our last significant moisture. Things are drying out and we could really use some moisture. It looks like the forecast is calling for a warm up on Thursday and Friday and then another cold front is suppose to hit and maybe give us a pretty decent chance at some precipitation on Friday we will have to wait and see how it plays out. With the dryer conditions my staff has been able to stay busy and get some work done on some winter projects around the golf course. We have continued to install rock along some of our heavy trafficked areas around the tee boxes and greens on #10,11, and 12. The crew has also been working on clearing out some of the under brush around #2 green and along the left side of #1 fairway. This is being done to help increase air movement in these two areas during the summer months. We are pretty much finished with #2 and are now working on the area along #1 fairway. During the frosty cold mornings my staff has been working on some cleaning projects around the shop that we were unable to get done during the season, and doing some repainting of walls in the break room and bathroom areas to keep it looking and operating in good shape. I hope everyone has a great week hopefully everyone has been able to get their holiday lights hung. If you haven't it looks like Thursday and Friday might be some great days for that and a chance to come out and play some golf.

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